Galaxy Comp Chem South Africa

Overview of the Galaxy Comp Chem South Africa server and availability

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What is Galaxy ZA

A platform based on the Galaxy Project that is primarily aimed at providing computational chemistry tools and workflows. The service will be hosted on the ilifu research cloud.

What does it provide

Chemistry tools and workflows, read the paper. Some of these tools are currently available on Galaxy Europe

Availability & Registration

Estimated available from end of August 2019

User eligibility

Academic users are most welcome, especially attendees of the BRIDGE workshop, users of the CHPC and any interested in workflows for computational chemistry modelling.


(quota subject to change)


Governance & reporting

The key contact at present is @chrisbarnettster who has raised the funding for resources on ilifu. Governance needs to be formally set up and should include individuals from eResearch UCT, the Scientific Computing Research Unit, the Galaxy Computational Chemistry Team, SANBI and ilifu.

Funders & Timeline

This project has been funded for 3 years (with core funding) through the NRF Research Development Grants for Y-Rated Researchers and subsidised by NRF Incentive funding for rated researchers. The major contribution to computer hardware was provided by an UCT ACC grant and this was used to contribute to the ilifu cloud.

Partners and Collaborations

This project has benefitted from several partnerships and collaborations.


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